Dr. Goding performs nations first dermaspan superior capsular reconstruction

May 22, 2017

Dr. Goding performed the nation’s first Superior Capsular Reconstruction using the Dermaspan graft from Zimmer/Biomet.  Dr. Goding worked with the Orthobiologics division at Zimmer/Biomet for over 1 year to develop the Dermaspan graft in a form that is usable for the Superior Capsular Reconstruction.

Dr. Goding has authored the Surgical Technique for his modification of this highly successful surgery.  This technique will be distributed to surgeons as educational material in order to help them perform Dr. Goding’s unique version of the Superior Capsular Reconstruction.  Dr. Goding designed the technique to make the surgery less technically difficult and therefore able to be performed by more surgeons.

The Dermaspan Graft is a graft of thick skin from a human donor which has had all of the DNA removed so that it is biologically inert and the body will not reject the graft.  The previous version of the graft was too stiff to be used in Superior Capsular Reconstruction surgery.  Zimmer/Biomet was able to create a graft that would be amenable to use in this surgery. 

In March, Dr. Goding used the graft for the first time in this surgery and the results were excellent.  Bill O’Brien and James Strong , from the division of Sports Medicine and Orthobiologics travelled from Zimmer World Headquarters to Wayne County Hospital in Corydon, Iowa to Observe the surgery.