How Hyaluronic Acid Injections Can Ease Your Knee Pain

If you’re coping with achy knees that are placing considerable limitations on your life, your goal may be to find a more sustainable solution than spot medications, but a less invasive one than surgery. If that’s the case, hyaluronic acid (HA) injections may present the perfect solution.

At the Joint Preservation Institute of Iowa, Dr. Richard Goding and our team offer a wide range of services that tackle orthopedic issues from head to toe. While we do offer joint replacement surgery, we encourage our patients to try more conservative methods to resolve the issue first. When it comes to knee pain, HA injections are helping scores of our patients to regain their active lifestyles.

Here’s a look at how hyaluronic acid joint injections can ease your knee pain.

Behind your knee pain

There are many conditions that can lead to knee pain, including:

Far and away, the primary culprits behind knee pain are osteoarthritis and wear and tear, especially as you age. When arthritis strikes your knees, it not only causes the breakdown of your cartilage, but also the loss of HA, which is a naturally occurring substance in your joints that aids with lubrication.

Restoring pain-free movement

If, after an extensive evaluation of your knees, we find that degenerative processes within your joint are to blame for your pain, we typically start out conservatively with:

The goal behind our HA injections is to restore pain-free movement in your knees by increasing the lubrication within these large joints.

We administer the HA injections in our offices on an outpatient basis, which means you’re free to get on with your day afterward (though you should refrain from strenuous exercise until we give you the greenlight).

To get started, most of our patients benefit from a series of weekly injections over the course of 3-5 weeks. As you progress through your treatment, your pain should ease and your mobility should increase.

These results can last up to 6 months — even a year, for some. Once the pain returns, you simply return for another round of injections.

One of the greatest benefits of HA injections is that they buy you ample time to address your knee pain from every angle, including targeted exercises that strengthen your leg muscles, taking the pressure off of your beleaguered joints.

Beyond HA injections

If the HA injections fail to bring you relief, rest assured that we have many other solutions, including COOLIEF®, which is a cooled radiofrequency treatment that blocks the nerves that are responsible for your pain. As well, we offer surgical solutions, such as total knee replacement surgery and subchondroplasty, which is a minimally invasive surgery that works well in the early stages of osteoarthritis.

If you’d like to explore whether HA injections are right for your knee pain, please contact one of our two offices in West Des Moines and Corydon, Iowa, to set up an appointment.

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