Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Superior capsular reconstruction is a new procedure for treating large “unfixable” rotator cuff tears. This procedure, which is done on an outpatient basis almost fully arthroscopically, uses a graft to reconstruct the shoulder capsule when the rotator cuff tendon tears are too large to repair. By reconstructing the capsule, a cushion is placed between the ball of the shoulder joint and the acromion bone. Additionally, the joint is held in anatomic position, allowing for restoration of normal shoulder function.

Most patients with a massive rotator cuff tear are offered a reverse total shoulder replacement. This surgery, while quite successful, is not meant for heavy use, and it is not recommended for young patients, as there is no way to redo the surgery if it fails over time.

Superior capsular reconstruction, in contrast, can be redone if necessary, or allows for a shoulder replacement.

Dr.  Goding has extensive experience with this technique, and expects to publish his modification of this technique in 2017. He has also been invited to speak on the topic at the Zimmer Biomet Evening of Education at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting is San Diego in March.

Dr Goding is currently looking for subjects for his study on superior capsular reconstruction. This will be an outcomes study that merely looks at pain relief and functional improvement over time.

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